Will your singing lessons work for beginners?
Absolutely! The course is designed for singers with no experience or want to go back and study the basics.

Is it true that some people are born “musical” and that I might be “tone-deaf”?
It can take some people a little longer to find their voice and comfort level with training their own ear to listen and then sing accordingly. This should never stop anyone from taking lessons since all things musical take practice and consistency! We all learn at a difference pace, so it’s totally normal.

Is it really true that I will notice a difference in my singing voice in only 30 days?
Yes! If you take the time to follow along with the all the vocal exercises and even repeat lessons where you feel you need more work, you will improve. The more consistent you are with our voice lessons, the better the results.

What if I can’t practice every day? Can I take longer?
The beauty of the course is you can always go at your own pace, your own schedule. These lessons are available 24/7, so get in some practice when you can and skip a day if you’re not able to focus.

It says that there are guaranteed results, what does that mean?
If you aren’t happy for whatever reason, we will give you a full refund within 30 days. We want you to be happy!

Will I be playing guitar during the course?
You don’t have to play guitar or piano to be able to use this course. We like to talk through what chords or keys we’re using in case you do have an instrument and would like to use it during the course.